Intersect Aspen Selections: Muys Snijders

Intersect Art and Design Fairs
Aug 3, 2022 7:16PM

Muys Snijdersis the Head of Fine Art & Collections Services, AIG Private Client Group. Below are her selection of outstanding works from Intersect Aspen.


...sophisticated work by a great female abstract expressionist artist. Yvonne studied with and was influenced by Robert Motherwell and Hans Hoffman and exhibited at the Ninth Street Women exhibition in 1951.

Kelly Lynn Jones
Red and Blue, 2022
The Pit

....colorful, very popular work by a Los Angeles based artist, you may be too late to get one this time around, but definitely an artist to watch.

Seontae Hwang
The Sunshine Room XI, 2017
Friedrichs Pontone

...this Korean artist constructs works that take the form of a ‘light box’, constructed from layers of printed and edged glass and with a self-contained light source

Marc Dennis
Allegory of a Love Affair, 2022
Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art won’t find a more approachable artist than Marc, an Aspen market darling, his works are edgy, hyper realistic and fun, with lot of references to art history (cheerleader with Ingres) .

.....each of Fu’s works is made by hand-pricking tiny holes with a needle in traditional Xuan paper.

Marcos Acosta
Ghost, 2021
Hexton Gallery

Marcos is from Argentina and his dramatic canyons and rugged mountains combined with linear shapes will transcend you into a new space

...Marie Watt’s blankets are based on the notion of tall white Aspen trees and are intricate references to our ancestry.

Sarah Ann Weber
Prairie State (cone flowers), 2021
Anat Ebgi

...utilizing watercolor and pencil, this LA based artist works are vivid and eye catching.

...Brooklyn based artist exploring the implications of birth weighing up the balance between machine vs. medicine


Muys Snijders, Head of Fine Art & Collections Services, AIG Private Client Group

An established and well- respected leader in the art industry, with over more than 25 years of international auction house and private consulting experience, Muys recently joined AIG. In this new role she oversees all aspects of risk management, for AIG’s portfolio of art, jewelry, cars, wine and collectibles. Working together with a team of seasoned experts, she provides collections related loss prevention and collection care services to policyholders, ensures that high-value claims are handled seamlessly, and implements disaster mitigation and response initiatives.

Intersect Art and Design Fairs