Intersect Palm Springs Picks: Victoria Burns

Intersect Art and Design Fairs
Feb 11, 2022 4:46PM
Jonas Wood
Matisse Pot 1, 2017
IKON Ltd. Contemporary Art
Vivian Springford
Untitled (VSF094), ca. 1975
IKON Ltd. Contemporary Art

While viewing Artsy’s Intersect selection, I was immediately drawn to historic figures along with bright minimalist pieces from more contemporary artists that are making waves in the artworld. The pieces that stood out to me were Jonas Wood’s “Matisse Pot” Vivian Springford’s “Untitled (VSF094)” and Lita Albuquerque’s “Auric Field (LA2020.37)”.

Jonas Wood’s “Matisse Pot” is a standout with his signature graphic and collage style. The work directly references not only art history with its clear nod to Mattisse and his iconic red, but also the artist’s own life. Wood’s wife, Shio Kusaka, is a ceramicist and he often paints the ceramics in her studio.

Despite a lack of recognition for most of her career, Vivian Springford’s color field “stains” have become a recognizable fixture in the art world, and she is now receiving the attention she always deserved. The artist was a figure during the Abstract Expressionist era and was active in multiple facets of the New York art world from the 1950s to 1970s. Her piece showing at Ikon’s booth uses bright and unexpected color pairings that feel simultaneously current and reminiscent of the Color Field era.

Light and Space artist Lita Albuquerque creates cosmic and transcendent paintings that are best experienced in person. The center of the work holds a concave circle lined with silver leaf, contrasting the blue background. Her use of blue pigment is seen throughout her practice and offers a meditative space for introspection on the human-scale within an infinite universe.


Additional standout works:

Frank Bowling
Pouring Over 2 Morrison Boys & 2 Maps I, 2019
Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art
Wayne Thiebaud
Row of Three Eyeglasses, 1985
Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art
Helen Lundeberg
Arches 5, 1962
Louis Stern Fine Arts
Aglae Bassens
Blanket Shadow, 2021


Victoria Burns has over 30 years of experience in the international art market and a degree in art history from Northwestern University.

With a commitment to connoisseurship and investment portfolio development, Burns advises both new and experienced collectors on building art collections that reflect the client’s personal vision, enhance their environments, and contribute to their wealth. Her clients include: the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, the MacArthur Foundation, Harris Associates, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and Hines Developers among others. In addition,Burnshas also advised private clients in Los Angeles, Vail, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Dallas and Miami.

Burns is an Executive Board Member of The Association of Professional Art Advisors, a member of Art Here and Now and the Modern and Contemporary Art Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and The Hammer Circle at the Hammer Museum. Believing passionately about supporting artists as part of strategic philanthropy, she is also a partner with the VIAART Fund and a Co-Founder of Angeles Art Fund. She lives and works in Los Angeles, where she has resided since 2010.


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