Intersect Aspen Selections: Lynsey Wiley Provost

Intersect Art & Design Fairs
Aug 15, 2022 4:40PM

Lynsey Wiley Provost is Founder of Wiley Fine Art Advisory. Below are her selection of outstanding works from Intersect Aspen.


Anna Kunz
Bright Eye, 2022
Galleri Urbane
Sigrid Sandström
Calor, 2021
Anat Ebgi
Robert Motherwell
Open Study No. 1, 1968
William Shearburn Gallery
Carl D'Alvia
Squiggle, 2016
Kelly Lynn Jones
Red and Blue, 2022
The Pit


With over twenty years of experience in the art business, Lynsey Wiley Provost and her team tailors each client experience to the individual needs of the collector. Through Lynsey’s extensive network within the art world, she is able to guide her clients in acquiring highly sought after works and build collections with long-standing value.

Intersect Art & Design Fairs