9. Collage Table / 10. Frames

In the Studio with Mickalene Thomas
Mar 27, 2013 5:41PM
9. Collage Table

“Generally this is where I sit. It’s kind of a mess now because I just finished doing some collages. I need two desks for experimenting.”

[Sorting through the stack] “This is from a print I did for the MoMA, La Petit Chien, which was a donation print for the education department; [here are studies of] Solange [Knowles]; and then some images from the Practical Encyclopedia that I made copies of. I like to have things accessible so that way I can just go at it—my colorings, different textiles, all of my sources.”

*The photograph at the top of the stack was used as a study for the cover of Solange’s new CD, True, a collaboration with Opening Ceremony, available here.

10. Frames

“I started doing these crazy photo montages where the frames come off of them … What I usually do is arrange stacks of frames that I collect, which are generally very cheap dollar store frames. I’ll paint them up and do different things. A lot of times, when I finish a photo shoot [there are leftover materials] so I started recycling all of my leftover materials from the installations and my photographs and started re-collaging them and creating these wall photo montages.”

In the Studio with Mickalene Thomas