11. Layout of Photos for iPad App / 12. Candy Machines

Apr 30, 2013 11:29PM

11. Layout of Photos for iPad app: “So we did my website this year, something that you can go into and dig and dig and dig—videos, and there is a map you can click on to get involved [with the Inside Out project]. You just find your location on the map—there are 90,000 points right now—and fill out a form and say you have a wall, and I’ll see your wall, and if I prepare a project for you, you will receive an email to volunteer.... That’s always been the thing with my work—if you want to buy a piece, you can, but if you want to have it too, you can, you know, through your iPad. You can print it; the work is there—it’s in the street, it’s for the people, and if someone wants to put their own signature, their own vision on it, you know I’m fine with that. The app is just a great way to get access to it. 

The same guy that did my website did the app and then he did the iBook [The Wrinkles of the City, Los Angeles] too. Through the iBook you can even go to each video, go by each portrait. Eventually, I want to go deeper into that, creating apps for kids, learning about the countries through the projects. I will release more of these books in France and in a few other countries. All this is something that [my studio manager and producer Marc Azoulay] loves—the digging into layers of information, like on the new website.”

On the Internet and Social Media: “I realize that my work is about creating interactions, but in the real world, whereas all of social media is about creating interaction in the parallel world. So don’t get me wrong, I create interaction in the real world to then share it on the parallel world, that’s the way I function. And that’s why the work can now spread widely online, too. And before we didn’t canonize it at all, it was just all over.”

12. Candy Machines: “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I just eat sugar. That’s why there’s always candy machines everywhere. I always have candy around me and in my pockets!

Each time I find a vintage candy machine somewhere I just bring it back. Sometimes we spend days restoring a candy machine instead of working on something that is related to the work. But that’s something that’s important.”