Photo Booth

Apr 30, 2013 11:23PM

Photo Booth:Inside Out Photo Booth is a completely different process because it’s in the street, like in Times Square right now, or in other countries or in museums. It has been in many places. This photo booth, though, is for when you enter the studio. I have the same one at my studio in Paris. I don’t have an artist’s studio where collectors visit. I don’t work this way, I don’t sell at the studio, so I basically receive friends, artists who come by; there’s a whole energy here. This is where we all meet, we work at day and at night, and so I love to capture that. I love to document that. This photo booth will shoot every person that comes in and out—you, the FedEx guy, the UPS delivery man, the cleaning lady, the guy who got to the wrong doorbell; basically everyone leaves with their huge portraits. The poster prints in four seconds and then they take it with them. If they leave it, I take it to them. I want them to have it, it’s not a copy for me. Then I have this screen that’s going, and each time I leave the building, I basically see people’s faces. I like that. Because that’s life.”

JR on Photography:  “I was doing graffiti when I was 14, 15, and I found this really cheap camera in the subway, and I documented writers in the street, our life, going on the rooftops or tunnels, with that cheap camera. I used film because I knew that in my high school I could use the lab. Then the cheapest way to do it was to develop the negative and then make a small print and then photocopy it—literally Xerox it. And that would make a really cheap print, but it worked for me. I’ve always been used to that quality. It was never something precious to me; it was something that I could paste right away."  

All studio shots by Alec Bastian.