Isak Burström
May 6, 2014 2:41PM

This is one of my favorite paintings. 

It's interesting that we carry, within ourselves, abstract blueprints of what attracts us. Someone loves the concept of bikes, someone else might be very into bongo drums, while another entity loves flowers. 

By painting, creating, crafting, living – we connect with some inner portion of ourselves. The experience has a taste, sometimes it comes quick, sometimes it takes time. It can be the taste of an employment, traveling, meeting someone – or the simple act of a paint brush. 

The transformation by taste is something that keeps happening. Sometimes the taste is bitter and sometimes its sweet. Sometimes it causes us to change our way and sometimes not.

The taste of this painting is something that attracts my feelings of style, it is an area of art that I want to dwell in and contribute to.

Isn't it nice with that gray patch in the bottom area?

Isak Burström