"Nooo Way!!!" (没门儿!)

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Sep 23, 2014 6:46AM

“Nooo way! You thought you were going to be paid money for your work? Aww that is so cute. We don’t pay money anymore for labor, you see. It’s just not in vogue. We are happy to pay you in circling conversations though. Does that work for you? Oh, well, you… whoops… I meant ‘it’ doesn’t really matter anyway. We have paid other artists in silence. Do you think the exchange rate on silence will be okay where you are? Okay, well you’re actually being a little difficult about this. I suppose I could offer to let you pay all the taxes for your work that I sold. I’m basically just giving you everything now. OMG, I just can’t believe how difficult you’re being about this. I mean it’s only been a year since I sold that work. You have to understand that these things take time. I just need you to shut up already and send me those three artworks for the fair. Okay, talk to you soon! Kisses!” 

ARTIST:Liu Dao 六岛

MEDIA: Neon signstainless steel frame


DATE: Made in island6, Shanghai 2014

SIZE: 170(W)×35(H)×12(D) cm