TITLE "Saccharine Treaty" by Liu Dao 六岛

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Oct 8, 2014 7:58AM
 MEDIA: RGB LED display, one-way glass, teakwood frame
DATE: Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
SIZE: 42(W)×42(H)×7.5(D) cm | 16.5(W)×16.5(H)×3(D) inches


Oh, you think she’s just as sweet as can be, don’t ya? Look at her here, syrupy pacifism just leaking from her eyes. You wouldn’t know that’s she’s capable of destroying you, of destroying us all, with a single lazy flick of her exquisite fingers. Worlds have been made to dust at the whim of this cloying cutie. Really, you shouldn’t stare at her as long as you are, because you never know what’s going to set her off. We’ve bought ourselves roughly 46 minutes of sucrose-induced dopamine haze to get some actual work done, and here you are, risking it all for just one last glance. Warnings never stopped boats from splintering dreams on the jagged shores of the Sirens’ isle though, did they? We can only hope you didn’t come empty handed…