"DRAWNING 86" 2013

Jul 24, 2013 5:42PM

IVANI PEDROSA                                                             Visual Artist

"DRAWNING 86"  2013                                                            Powdered graphite on japanese paper (Tengusho) Dimension: 56 x 40 x 5 cm (H x W x P)                  Composed of four pieces of Japanese paper measuring 56 x 23 cm each, mounted in acrylic box

The works presented here are drawings made in a technique I developed in 1994, year of my graduation in Painting from EBA-UFRJ. I made use of some segments of contemporary art as a form of expression. At the same time, by chosing to present my drawings made with pulverized graphite over paper as a poetic proposal, in my opinion it asserted the strength and power of this autonomous and ancient art form. The recurrence in my use of this material  - interrupted in 2000 - , was the resulting effect of works I did entitled 'Control' that I have been developing since 2006.

The use of powdered graphite requires control of gesture  which in turn determines its shape. At this point, the reasoning and impulse are in the very boundary between the spontaneous and the discipline. The intimacy with the material is the breakeven point for the realization of this work.

The compositions made by the economic use of the graphite powder,  just the necessary amount to obtain the desired result,  yield to delicate designs  with great motion.