Iws Yansen
Oct 21, 2014 3:28AM

I follow the little voice from my heart as I follow ceremonial in Bali. I am traveling from my heart in different era: Primitive native era/Traditional era/Modern millennium era.

It is a kind of meditation and the media are colors and canvas. I can feel and understand each moment and it is coming trough my art to be something fresh. I let the imagination take a mystery dance.

I believe that there is a deep, a very deep river in everyone’s heart. I just pour paints following the ever flowing current of this deep river in my heart. I let the torrent of the current be the natural process of creating shapes, colors, dimensions, and compositions of my paintings in a dynamic dancing of lights and shadows, and the interactions between them.

I don’t expect any shape to appear on the white canvas in the first place. I let the process itself reveals what lies beneath surfaces of our consciousness, exposing collective, primitive, intuitive, unsurpassed creations of mother nature.

Merwan Yusuf, national curator says my technique is unique, while I just let the basic elements of nature like sunrays, raindrops, moonlight, water, gravitation, wind and storm speak with their own language through me, and all these provoke the collective imaginations of others who behold my paintings.




Iws Yansen