City Sunset

Janine Bean
Aug 4, 2014 12:51PM

“City Sunset” with Donata Benker, Lori Field and Iva Vacheva, August 8th  – August 30th  2014

janinebeangallery proudly presents “City Sunset” a group exhibition featuring Donata Benker, Lori Field, and Iva Vacheva.

Donata Benker, originally from Nuremberg arranges overlapping images of urban landscapes and the natural world. Within the luminescent fusion of these spaces, Benker creates depth, allowing the viewer a unique perspective.

The American artist, Lori Field, reinterprets old painterly techniques, creating bittersweet Portraits with encaustic as well silverpoint drawings.

The Bulgarian-born artist Iva Vacheva narrates many small stories through her paintings and drawings, in which reality and fantasy, happiness and sadness, eroticism and disgust, curiosity and ambivalence intermingle.

Janine Bean