Tidy up your life: the Vitsoe apartment

Jared Schiller
Jan 17, 2013 4:46PM

My latest film is a portrait of a couple and their dog who live in one of the most enviable apartments I've ever been in. Monika and Michael work for Vitsœ, the British company that manufactures and sells Dieter Rams's 606 Universal Shelving System.  Whilst not lavish, their home in Munich acts as a kind of showroom for the system, which works seamlessly in every room, and also houses Michael's collection of Braun products from the days when Rams ruled the roost; when every record player, clock and kettle was a thing of beauty.

Since I became aware of Vitsœ I've noticed the 606 system in many places, but particularly in the studios of artists that I visit. Something about the simplicity of Rams's design, and their sturdy construction, must appeal to creative minds. The company did rather confuse one Turner Prize nominee that I spoke to, when they refused to sell him the black shelving he wanted and insisted he would prefer the off-white. Some months later he had to concede that they were right.

I'm sure this film reflects some of that tightly controlled order, but I also hope it shows how creativity can flourish against such a background. As I type this amongst stacks of abandoned paperwork and overflowing boxes, I can't help but think it might indeed be time to 'tidy up my life.'

Jared Schiller