To work in the ArtWorld, when the rest of the World dosen´t seem to care?

Jeanette Gustafsson
Oct 30, 2014 3:32PM

I work as an ArtCommunicator, I have done that for 3 years now in a small town in northen Sweden.

Its my home town, I been working in Stockholm and Jönköping before I moved back in 2011.

I knew what made me move and work else where with Art, because I felt that Art had no meaning for the people in Skellefteå. I moved back, and I am happy to se that some people show that they care about Art and that they want to know more about my work, as an ArtCommunicator.

Today I have learned that if I know that I do is right, and lift my rights in the right places for Art, to become a topic in every new building in this area. Then I will have work for a long long time. But I can´t do it without the Artists.

So right now I start to look for artists that are interested to work with me, in Sweden.

Its great to be here on Artsy! Happy thursday evening!

Jeanette Gustafsson