My Highlights From Art Basel in Hong Kong

Art fairs are great opportunities to make discoveries of new talent and rediscoveries of important artists who have not gotten sufficient recognition. It is also a good way to keep up with the new work of artists who I have been following. I have been looking forward to Art Basel in Hong Kong in order to learn about emerging artists from Asia who have had limited exposure in America. Rather than going through the art fair booth by booth and looking at every work, I try to give myself an overview of the fair and see which works stand out. I then go back for further study. I also look for galleries that have a unique vision. Discovering an emerging gallery with a special point of view is as interesting as discovering a new artist.
My highlights:
, Rock, 2009-2011 - neugerriemshneider
AIDA Makoto - Mizuma Art Gallery
, To be titled, 2013 - Balice Hertling
, Physichromie N°1806, 2012 - Cecilia de Torres, Ltd.
, essays on idleness, 2013 - Alan Cristea Gallery
, My Second Horizont, 2012 - Tomio Koyama Gallery
, Supertaster, 2013 - neugerriemschneider
, Untitled, 2013 - Arndt 
, Thought Is That Invisible Blade That Determines the Separation of Bodies No.3, 2012 - ShanghART
, Untitled, 2012 - The Breeder
, Red line with black and enthusiasm, 2013 - Kavi Gupta
, Disc for Rotatorhead (DANCING IN THE STREET), 2013 - Yamamoto Gendai
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