My Highlights from Design Miami/ 2014

Jennifer Rubell
Nov 25, 2014 2:57AM

I feel like I crave fewer and fewer objects in my life, and so the ones that do enter into my living space carry a big burden.  They need to have a soulfulness, they need to function, they need to be optimistic and forward-thinking but not gimmicky.  I want to look at them every day for the next 50 years and always get something new from them.    

My Selection: 

Sheila HicksPrayer Rug, 1969, at Demisch Danant

I love Sheila Hicks’ work. The objects are like beings: moving, indecipherable, poetic, irreducible. I feel like I could live with this piece forever and not really get to the bottom of it. 

Le Corbusier & Charlotte PerriandRoom divider wardrobe, 1956-1959, at Galerie Patrick Seguin

Pierre PaulinPair of Élysée Chairs, 1971, at Demisch Danant

My interest is really two-fold: First, my new apartment has ceilings so low that I can almost touch them, so I have a newfound passion for all things close to the ground ... and second, I feel like Paulin embodies the kind of optimism about space that was so prevalent in late ’60s and early ’70s Europe. I mean, we're living in very very conservative, pessimistic times by comparison. 

Le CorbusierBlackboard, 1956-59, at Galerie Patrick Seguin

Camaleonda, 1970
Erastudio Apartment Gallery
Jennifer Rubell