Christiane Loehr at Jason McCoy Gallery

Jennifer Field
Jul 21, 2013 4:04PM

In this pause between exhibition seasons, I am thinking back to some of the shows I have seen so far this year. Christiane Loehr's one-person exhibition at Jason McCoy Gallery is still fresh in my mind.

I first fell in love with Loehr's work at a 2012 exhibition at the same gallery. Her sculptures are made from organic ephemera such as animal hair, seeds, and dandelion puffs. In 2012, Loehr had installed a floor-to-ceiling column made of horse hair. Other works consist of seeds or grass stalks sculpted and bent into geometric shapes, revealing surprising resilience and tensile strength while retaining the wholeness of each individual particle. Under Loehr's delicate touch, the inherent complexity and symmetry of these apparently simple materials is captivating.

Among my favorite works in the 2013 exhibition were Burr Vessel, a tiny container measuring 3 3/4" high constructed from burrs, and Seed Bag, for which Loehr collected airborne seeds, stuffed them into a hair net, and hung them from a single nail. Gathered together within a man-made item, the work could be seen as a relic of a living system. To me, the materials were transformed into a hive of living organisms.

Loehr also produces large drawings in black oil pastel which evoke plant forms. These featured prominently in the 2013 show. Loehr extends meandering and blurred lines to the edges of the paper, causing the imagery to appear cropped, as if it is a magnified detail of a stalk or a vine. These shadowy images were a bold compliment to the sculptural works.

I hope there will be another exhibition in 2014.

Jennifer Field