Painting with stone

Jessica Backus
Nov 17, 2012 5:21PM
Refraction Tiles , 2012
Carwan Gallery

We've recently been adding a number of genes to account for all the many materials artists, designers and architects use to create their works. Who knew that these genes would be so relevant to contemporary painting practices? Jorge Tacla uses marble powder and oil in this work to depict what looks like a cathedral interior. A ghostly quality pervades the space, making this solid structure, built for the ages, a vanishing memory. I love the way the ephemerality of the work contrasts so starkly with the materials out of which it's made: marble should last forever, and yet here, it, too, becomes dust.  Lindsey Adelman's series of nine hand-polished tiles, made of marble and concrete powder,  has an architectural quality to it. The materials enhance the sculptural quality of the work, and just when you thought you were on utterly solid ground, the artist visually shatters the surface with angular, geometric forms recalling the fractured facetting of Cubism.

I love the tension in both these works between the materials and the message, between the unpredictable and the durable.

Jessica Backus