My Highlights from Collective 2

I tried to keep from looking at stuff that I wanted for myself and to go at this exercise in a non-greedy way—but I wound up throwing that plan out the window after the second booth and wanted it all. Great selection. Bravo!

My Selection:

Mattia Bonetti Ontario Sofa, 2013, at 21st twenty first 

I love Bonetti’s work. I’ve always thought that it is right up there with the best of the 20th-century French designers and this sofa shows why. It would be right at home sitting next to the best of Jean Royère work.

Alexander CalderRR initial brooch, 1948, at Didier Ltd.

Amazing. Did all of the Insiders pick this work? If they haven’t, then maybe they shouldn’t have been asked.

Carl AuböckBrass Ashtray, 1950s, at Mondo Cane 

I picked this piece of Aubock but every piece in this booth is a favorite. Where do you ever start?

Lee Hun ChungPurple Gray Stool, 2010, at Gallery SEOMI

One of my favorite contemporary craftsman. Just great!

Fontana ArteBox, 1945-1950, at Gallery Anne Autegarden

I rarely see Fontana boxes—come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Fontana box! Beautiful! 

Ettore SottsassGold and black onyx necklace, 1984-1986, at Didier Ltd.

This Sottsass necklace has as much to do with his earliest aluminum pieces for Rinnovel as it does his ’80s work. Just great.

Arthur Espenet CarpenterWishbone Chair, 1986, at Moderne Gallery

It’s all of the best of American Arts and Crafts in one chair, ha! Espenet at his best.

Ico and Luisa ParisiIride Floor Lamp, circa. 1970, at Nicholas Kilner

I WOULD KILL SOMEONE FOR THIS LAMP! I’m kinda not kidding; it’s so rare and one of the only holes in my ever-growing lamp collection.

Stefan KnappPop Art Wall Panel, 1970-1979, at Lost City Arts

Anyone that grew up in NY in the ’70s looks at this and is knocked back to being a child. Knapp’s mural for Alexander’s is as much a part of my childhood as Playland on Times Square or the blackout of ’77.

Nanda VigoPair of Due Piu Chairs, 1971, at Nicholas Kilner

I love the work of Nanda Vigo. Not only was she one of the most stylish women in Italy, her work is still some of the most undervalued and most important work of the latter 20th century.

Sergio Rodrigues“Kati” side table, circa. 1988, at R & Company

Just a perfect piece of design from a master. It is perfect in any environment. So pure.

Jonathan NesciGeneral Desk, 2010, at Volume Gallery

Jonathan’s work is design and this is Jonathan at his best; so elegant and so thought out. Wow!

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