Jul 27, 2014 2:22PM

This is the magazine/book I made for my final examn at AKV Sint Joost.

The theme is visible/invisible. More specific: it is about the discrepancy between my personal fear of being visible, and at the same time having the desire to be visible as well.

To visualize this, I took photos of myself in which I placed myself in differents roles, based on things people have said about me. I have let myself face painted according to those roles, and photographed myself in these roles.

The magazine includes also an interview I held with myself, a lot of different poems I wrote, and one column (which I also wrote). It includes also photos I made about 'the daily life', which were made with a disposable camera.

Furthermore the magazine includes selfportraits I made and afterwords editted with Photoshop, which are based on my fantasy.

As well, the magazine includes collages which I made from images and letters of old magazines (from the Eighties) and from actual magazines. The collages are made purely with intuition, and they represent my subconsciousmess.

The size of the magazine is A3-format. It includes also a stickerpage, a poster (size: A2-format) which you can take out of the magazine, and a fold-out page.

There also belongs a vdeo-installation to this project. It is a confrontating, experimental and intriguing videowork in which you see me swinging on a swing wearing a straitjacket. You hear a womans voice (my voice) singing and being forwarded and rewinded (singing the song 'Dont Speak'). You see the image be rewinded and forwarded really fast and slow. It feels like I am coming more and more near to you without really going anywhere.