AMERICA MARTIN - The Art of the Still Life

Joanne Artman Gallery
Oct 2, 2016 7:36PM

America Martin’s work is both exuberant and refined. Working with her chosen mediums, America brings life and presence to her paintings. Martin delves into new approaches, materials and techniques with intensity and passion, while keeping a keen sense of the art historical lexicon.

The art of the still life, known also by the French word the nature morte, is a subject long favored by artists. The versatility of it, as well as the freedom it affords in terms of  composition and content has long been recognized. The origins of this painting tradition can be traced back to the Middle Ages as well as Ancient Graeco-Roman art. However, the best known masters of the still-life tradition come from the Northern Renaissance, especially the Dutch Golden age of painting. During this period the still life genre came into vogue with numerous artists using the subject matter to contemplate on the themes of mortality and morality through luscious displays of rotting fruit and game, as well as delicate flower arrangements.

The still life genre was revitalized again by the Modernists who saw the potential of it as a vehicle to explore subversive, controversial and revolutionary ideas. Modigliani’s  pre-minimalist bottle arrangements, Cezanne’s famous peaches, and Picasso’s Cubist guitar compositions are just a few of the approaches.

Martin continues the tradition of reinventing and appropriating the genre in her own artistic practice. The still life is a prominent theme in the body of work presented in the upcoming exhibition This Is America opening next month. America applies a similar approach to both her figurative as well as still life subjects, emphasizing line and texture in her own iconic and visionary style.

Represented at JoAnne Artman Gallery Laguna Beach | New York. 

JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents in the Main Gallery: “This is America” New Works by AMERICA MARTIN Winter 2016,
November. 17th, 2016 – December 31, 2016 

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, November 17th from 6pm-8pm | 511 A West 22nd St. | New York, NY 10011

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