Art Fair Survival Guide

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May 4, 2017 1:06PM

Aerial view of Piers 92 and 94, home of numerous art fairs in NYC  (Image courtesy of

New York is in bloom once again which means one important thing - the spring art fair season is finally here. But how to make the best of your time?  Tried and tested, here are our best tips.

1. Make a List

Fig.1 - A classic checklist

Make one prior to heading out. This helps when trying to figure out your path around the fair, and to ensure you don’t miss anything you were planning to see.  

2. Find a Map

Fig 2. - Lost!

Don’t even think of heading to the bar before grabbing a map - a surefire way to become irrevocably lost in the maze of booths. Steel yourself for making getting a map priority number one as soon as you set foot inside the fair. Check your list and plot a route!

3. Stay Hydrated

Fig 3.  - Beverage options!

Although tasty (and alcoholic) beverages are bountiful at art fairs, be sure to not forget to bring or buy some water to stay well hydrated to minimize fair burnout.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Fig. 4 - How to pick?

Sneakers, loafers or booties are the way to go, period! Save those pretty shoes for your next gala event, and throw on your trusty flats (preferably with a little arch support).  

5. It’s OK to take a break!

Fig 5. - Us after a long day at the fair

(Image - public domain)

We all reach that moment when our brain simply doesn’t want to process any more new information. To minimize be sure to keep hydrated and take a break for lunch to regain some mental energy. We feel you!  But most importantly of all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and appreciate the experience. Art fairs are exhausting but they are also an amazing opportunity to discover something new.

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