You Better Believe It: Climate Change

Joanne Artman Gallery
Nov 29, 2018 8:52PM

Tragedies such as the recent California wildfires have brought climate change and environmental protection to the forefront of news cycles. In addition to the California wildfires, more frequent and extreme weather events illuminate the threats of a changing climate to our biological world and to humanity. Even more concerning, new findings show that the current welfare of our planet is worse than predicted, and that CO2 levels are increasing for the first time in years. While the effects of climate change are already being felt in communities across the world, new reports state that projections of future catastrophe could change if society works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If the world fails to act, researchers continue to warn, there would be some significant and dangerous changes to our world, including rising sea levels, significant impacts on ocean temperatures and acidity, and the ability to grow crops. Consequently, it is not enough to only ponder climate change; we must also consider our actions. We cannot rely on government policy or formal regulation alone to address these issues. Responsibility and participation in curbing the environmental damage inflicted on our planet is up to businesses, cities, and individuals to do their part while informing and encouraging others. More now than ever, it is imperative to be conscientious of our own actions and find ways to cut down on waste and environmental strain on an individual basis through reducing, recycling, and supporting clean and green energy.

Anna Kincaide, A Love Like Mine, Oil on Canvas, 60” x 60”

Even on an issue of such dire importance, art has its own role to play. Art asks its audience to change the way they look at the world, where they are in life, and what their responsibilities are. Inspired by the power and beauty of nature, artists Anna Kincaide and Audra Weaser incorporate aspects of the landscapes, waterscapes, and flora into their visual and narrative compositions. Promoting dialogue, art is a powerful platform to show support for, protest against, and spread awareness of political and global policies. In this instance, we must all participate and advocate for environmental protection and sustainability, through art and through our daily actions.

Audra Weaser, Sea Gems, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Panel, 60” x 48”

Joanne Artman Gallery