Brooke Shaden’s Fine-Tuned Edge and Painterly Vision

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Jan 6, 2017 6:34PM
Flood , 2016
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Where painters use brushes and a physical palette to create their work, photographer Brooke Shaden relies on light, exposure, the camera lens, as well as painterly photography techniques to hit the right mood and color palette for her fantastical and evocative images. Shaden’s work reflects a fascination with painterly photography, both playing on its history as well as redefining its place today in the world of contemporary art.

Installation shot of Brooke Shaden, Fourth Wall Series

Shaden’s clear fascination with painterly photography is evident in the works presented in “Fourth Wall” New Work by Brooke Shaden, opening at JoAnne Artman, Gallery NYC. In this series, Shaden is able to capture and reflect an emotional and transformed image, utilizing the type of technical gestures and visual fluidity that are reminiscent of the painted image. The early fine art photographers, now known as the Pictorialists, used such techniques to gently acquaint their audiences to photography, and through visual similarities with painting, elevate the photographs to the realm of fine art. The public at the time had no frame of reference for understanding the medium, with critics claiming it only capable of recording life, rather than creating something new. Today, photography is a respected and well-defined art form, and Shaden’s work represents the breathtaking imagery attainable through a fine-tuned manipulation of the medium. The vintage, gritty feel to the works, the dark color palette and Shaden’s ability to capture and emulate age give the work a sharp bite – an edge which brings a deeper resonance to the work. 

Shaden’s work is provocative and innovative, combining the surreal with a strong personal vision. We are incredibly excited to show her new works at our NYC location in 2017!

JoAnne Artman Gallery New York, Presents:
“Fourth Wall” New Work by Brooke Shaden  January 5th, 2017-February 18th, 2017

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