A Glimpse into BEGIN AGAIN: Featuring Brooke Shaden

JoAnne Artman Gallery
Apr 11, 2019 4:33PM

In her upcoming exhibition, Shaden portrays a dystopian future, emphasizing the improbable odds of humankind in the face of the vastness of nature. Aptly titled, Begin Again depicts a rebirth of self. Alluding to a reimagined future, reevaluated preconceptions, and a reinvention of the artistic process, Shaden thoroughly explores the idea of renewal.

Detail, Red Veil 1

Transforming the world around her into compelling, intricate dreamscapes that combine the strange with the familiar, Brooke Shaden’s new body of work explores notions of identity, self-reflection, and the titled concept of beginning again.

“In this new body of work there is a sense of, “Here I am, and look what I can do” despite the odds. Despite is a word that feels very relevant to my life, my work, and what I want to say in the grander scheme. Here I/we are, creating despite.” Shaden explains. “How powerful we are, or how powerless we feel, guides my creativity in nearly every way.”

Detail, Mirror 2

The impactful, alluringly disconcerting compositions are created through fundamental changes to everyday objects resulting in uncanny, extraordinary images and stories. Shaden shapes the world to her vision utilizing natural, practical lighting, and builds the final image via a layering process. Despite some of the darker elements, the tone of Shaden’s new body of work maintains a sense of optimism through her allegorical, visceral, and seductive imagery.

Questioning what would happen if we, as individuals and society, began fresh and got rid of the narratives assigned to others, and to ourselves, Shaden’s newest works are further categorized into smaller subseries. Her mirror series (shown above) is about literally shattering self-reflection in a newly perceived awakening. Her red veil series, on the other hand, represents character and conformity. All relating back to identity, her new work addresses the human condition and captures a heightened capacity for empathy.

Detail, Boxes 1

Culminating in an expressive awakening, her photography embodies an alternate reality of surrealism and fantasy where the disturbing is made beautiful. “Instead of focusing the lens on the things we feel we cannot say, I’m now focused on what we need to say as a community – a civilization – to grow and rebuild. The aim here is to visually portray the possibilities that lie in even the smallest human hands.”

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