Greg Miller - Exploring the Narrative

Joanne Artman Gallery
May 6, 2018 10:01PM

Greg Miller’s work offers a unique exploration of medium in works that combine elements of painting and collage. Through nuanced juxtapositions of image and text, the artist derives to the roots, and shades of meaning, found within classic imagery associated with the America of the 50s and 60s. Miller’s work has traversed the boundary between sculpture, collage, and painting, always keeping a strong narrative focus.

Miller is an artist as adept at wordplay as he is in examining the underlying foundations of imagery associated with American popular culture. In his most recent works, the artist places the primary focus on illustrative, painterly elements (hearkening to the golden age of comic books and hand-drawn advertisements) that are enmeshed with clippings from newspapers, magazines, and other print media.

Parsing through the remnants of our collective visual history, the works are a dynamic narrative force that lay bare the commonalities as well as polarities of visual perception. In lyrical juxtapositions Miller guides the viewer to new discoveries in meaning in each glance in the interplay between scale, form, palette, and texture. In American, the titular word is split on the bottom half creating tension, while in Up, Miller plays with a diagonal composition that create a sense of both flow as well as obstruction through juxtaposing areas of paint and text.  In addition, the artist extends the narrative even further by the wrapping of the edges with various comic, or book materials, creating a strong object focus.

Miller has experimented with object forms and visual language over the course of his studio practice. His recent pieces connect to his earlier works through his use of a resin finish (in a visual simulation of glossy ads in magazine pages), the separation of the visual field into several fields, as well as an emphasis on surface texture and form.

Physically, the works contain elements of painting, collage, and bricolage, and can be examined through the various lenses pertaining to each one. Bricolage, for example, is a term usually applied to works of art created from a diverse mix of materials. However, it can also be used as a descriptor in fields outside of fine art including anthropology, philosophy, critical theory, and education. The beauty of the term stems from the diversity of its application, and for this reason is perhaps a fitting descriptor for Greg Miller’s work, as the artist himself is a keen appreciator of the hidden nuances of meaning, of the beauty in diversification through layered use. In a way the works look at meaning as a collage-like process that melds and molts the familiar into something new.  

You can view Greg Miller's work in "Urban Flora" at JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC now through May, 2018!

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