High Technique and High Drama - the work of Pedro Bonnin

Joanne Artman Gallery
Oct 27, 2016 6:13PM

Pedro Bonnin creates vibrant, photorealistic, figurative works on canvas. Visually striking, the works also represent a highly technical approach to the tradition of oil painting. Bonnin creates a sense of high drama and high stakes through the use of color, negative space, and a hyper-realistic painting style. The influence of Italian masters can be seen in his illusionistic technique in his careful handling of shadow and light. Additionally, Bonnin employs exaggerated proportions and the use of close cropping to give us an even greater sense of immediacy and action.

Bonnin’s use of perspective, as well as the smooth modeling of paint and use of chiaroscuro are a nod to the Italian Masters who had a tremendous influence on the artist during his travels through Italy. Bonnin’s works both channel as well as play upon the ideals of Renaissance portraiture - his figures do not assume typically stationary stances of figurative painting. Instead they float, jump, twist and turn through the air.

Equally expressive in both their facial ranges which go from outrage to a deep calm, the figures interact with both the space as well as themselves. They reach, touch and connect within planes of flat color that both flatten the visual plane as well as give a sense of continuous depth. Clothing, hosiery and footwear are used by the artist to both orient the figures in the present moment as well as entice our senses with opulent materials and detailed fabrics.  These intimate works play with both our perceptions as well as our expectations to achieve an arresting and dynamic vision.

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