In the Name of the Rose

Joanne Artman Gallery
May 10, 2018 8:02PM
Penelope Gottlieb
Potentilla multijuga
Joanne Artman Gallery

Artists Greg Miller, Anna Kincaide and Penelope Gottlieb each explore the floral theme in the exhibition “Urban Flora”(currently on view at JoAnne Artman Gallery, NYC!) Creating intricate narratives by utilizing qualities of historical and visual meaning intrinsically linked to the symbolically laden flower imagery, each artist takes on a different approach. Lushly romantic or clinically studied, flowers provide a rich resource for an interpretation of meaning as well as a celebration of form.

A frequent motif in both literature as well as the visual arts, the image of the rose is often used in romantic connotations. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet famously states that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Perhaps in a play to this notion, in Penelope Gottlieb’s Potentilla multijuga, the artist names the familiar visage of the rose with the genus and species classifications of a particular herb native to California that is currently listed as extinct. A sharply cynical yet lyrically clinical examination, the acrylic and ink on aluminum panel presents crushed, bruised leaves in a violent allusion that links romanticism with a dark undertone. Like Georgia O’Keefe’s famous depictions of luridly lush, velvety petals, stamens and pistils of blooming flowers, Gottlieb’s beautifully rendered floral carnage examines the familiar processes of life, death, and reproduction.

Anna Kincaide
The Color of Love
Joanne Artman Gallery

Luxuriant, rich in color and texture, Anna Kincaide’s The Color of Love is a play in allusion. In a nod to Art Nouveau, the Vienna Seccessionists, and others before her who utilized elements of the decorative arts to create intricately sensuous surfaces of ornamental beauty, Kincaide’s works emphasize elegance of form. Like Gustav Klimt’s favored depictions long, pale limbed beauties with flowing copper hair in ornamental settings, Kincaide’s compositions focus on a central female figure as a narrative drive in works that focus on a fleeting, ephemeral sentiment. In addition to a painterly depiction of the rose, Kincaide incorporates real dried flowers that give textural resonance to the works.

Greg Miller
Joanne Artman Gallery

Greg Miller’s Up explores the symbology surrounding the rose through the elements of popular culture and pop history. Preferring to depict the image of the wild prairie rose, Up presents a visual collage that links together the cultural heritage of America’s past with the present. In exploring the narrative around the iconic flower native to North America, Miller alludes to the romanticizing of commercialism as well as myth, meaning and personal history.

"Urban Flora" featuring Anna Kincaide, Greg Miller and Penelope Gottlieb is on view at JoAnne Artmna Gallery New York  ||  511 A West 22nd St. New York NY 10011

Joanne Artman Gallery