Install Week at JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC!

Joanne Artman Gallery
Apr 22, 2018 10:26PM

It’s been a busy week as we prepare for the upcoming Urban Flora exhibition featuring work by Penelope Gottlieb, Anna Kincaide, and Greg Miller!

What Happens on Delivery Day?

As unique as each artist that JoAnne Artman Gallery represents, are the deliveries of the artwork for each exhibition. For the NYC location, an even more strategic approach is required due to our limited storage space. The pickup of outgoing artworks headed to our clients, as well as to Laguna Beach for exhibition, and the delivery of artworks for the upcoming exhibition must be coordinated with the utmost foresight and precision. Here’s an idea of how this happens:

Okay, maybe it takes a little more work than that. But the above does show a simplified version of what this process is like. In short, the incoming artworks get delivered, inspected, unpacked, and arranged in the gallery (with a lot of care for their safety) in the correct placement for their final location on the walls. Done!

But wait! Sometimes it’s not so easy……

(A little NYC snow mixed with flowers, is sometimes to be expected)

In addition to unexpected delays due to weather or road conditions, there is a plethora of various small challenges that can pop up when coordinating long-distance shipping for a large number of artworks. In Urban Flora, we have a variety of mediums and sizes ranging from large works on canvas (with pressed flowers) by Anna Kincaide, shaped aluminum over panel works by Penelope Gottlieb, and acrylic, collage paper and resin on panel works by Greg Miller. Each work has its own considerations for shipping, and must be carefully received, unwrapped, and checked before being placed in the show.

Curious to see how it all came together? Urban Flora is on view between now and June, so come check it out! Here’s a little preview:

URBAN FLORA: Featuring Anna Kincaide, Greg Miller + Penelope Gottlieb -  is on preview now at JoAnne Artman Gallery New York

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, May 10th, 2018 from 6pm-8pm

511 A West 22nd St. New York, NY 10011

Joanne Artman Gallery