Linear Strength and Material Purpose - John “CRASH” Matos and Matt Devine

Joanne Artman Gallery
Dec 8, 2016 5:09PM

Approaches to figurative and formal representation vary from one artist to the next, as well as within an artist’s own oeuvre, ranging from abstraction to figuration, with formal, compositional and conceptual considerations. One common aspect of all formal approaches is the formal element of the line. The sinuous curve or linear direction that guides the movement of the piece. Whether represented through paint on a canvas or constructed of metal, it is one of the most intrinsic properties of a work of art. The technical aspect of artistic expression is the arsenal of tools and techniques which both shape and inform each work. For John “CRASH” Matos and Matt Devine those tools are expressive of their unique approach and background.

Mr. Meyer, 2016
Joanne Artman Gallery
Search for the Serif
Joanne Artman Gallery

With a background in fabrication, Devine’s fluid forms and svelte steel sculptures explore the potential of the industrial material. Preferring to use a primary palette, Devine focuses on flow and form within his work, working with the line to guide the composition and line of sight.

Coming of age in the Bronx and perfecting his technique on the subway cars in the 1960’s and 1970’s NYC, John “CRASH” Matos works explode with color, movement and action. The importance of the line to his work is evident not only in the influence of classic comic strips in his compositions, but also in the technical aspects of his technique as he uses a spray can with alternating pressure to create both nuanced and bold strokes. CRASH’s dynamic works on canvas utilize the compositional elements of comic strip action sequences to both narrative as well as purely visually visceral effect using the basic elements of the line.

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