Made in L.A. - JoAnne Artman Gallery Edition

Joanne Artman Gallery
Aug 26, 2018 10:35PM

In tandem with the Hammer Museum’s fourth iteration of the Made in L.A. exhibition, which highlights the practices of artists working throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, we are taking a moment to appreciate the creative landscape of Southern California as it is today. Though L.A. is indisputably an urban epicenter for both art and culture, South California is a diverse region, known for attracting artists as well as being host to a roster of ambitious new museums and art centers, new collectors and top-notch art schools. Though many artists live and work in L.A. proper, there are vibrant art communities both up and down the coast.

America Martin,Sea Lion Woman Eats Fish,Oil on Canvas, 70 x 69.5 inches (Beautiful, craggy coastlines are a staple of California, with many sea lions populating the shores - an inspiration perhaps for Martin’sSea Lion Woman Eats Fish).

One of the most compelling aspects of the Hammer’s multi-artist exhibition is the museum’s refusal to adhere to any overarching theme, preferring instead for the work to speak for itself. The exhibition features young, contemporary artists and work that engages with various aspects of contemporary culture, ranging from issues of representation, gender roles and marginalization. Taking this approach allows for a natural development of dialogue between the works, in much the same way as artists grapple with themes within their own practice, threading ideas together as they progress. In addition, the museum’s decision seems to recognize the incredible vibrancy of the city’s (and surrounds) current art scene, preferring to celebrate the diversity and concurrence of the work rather than separating it into any particular category as of yet.

Greg Miller.Great Western. Acrylic, Collage and Resin on Canvas. 70 x 45 inches. (Drawing on his California roots, Greg Miller pays homage to both the rugged urban landscape of L.A., as well as its famous film industry inGreat Western).

For a long time, the LA art scene was associated with street art, and although the city does boast an active urban art scene, in no way is the entirety of it confined to a single art form or prevalent style. The range of JoAnne Artman Gallery’s roster is a testament to this, with so many California-based artists represented, showcasing the richness and depth of the South California art scene. More than a few are local artists who have either grown up in L.A., and the surrounding areas, or have come to the area later in life, becoming a part of the ever-growing art community. For artists like Greg Miller, America Martin and Audra Weaser, location plays an important part of their practice, as the urban landscape of the city as well as the natural beauty of Southern California coast inform their work.

Audra Weaser. Blue Shores. Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel. 36 x 36 inches. (Audra Weaser’s Blue Shores features a tranquil, abstracted landscapes shaped by the artist’s memories and dreams).

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