In A Romantic Fashion

Joanne Artman Gallery
Feb 14, 2019 6:18PM

In conjunction with New York Fashion Week, JoAnne Artman Gallery is proud to announce the opening reception for The Art of Fashion, featuring recent works by Jane Maxwell and Pedro Bonnin on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, 2019. Celebrating the confluence of fashion and style, Maxwell and Bonnin also explore common Romantic ideals that place emphasis on imagination, freedom from social conventions, and glamor. Perhaps Peggy Guggenheim sums it up best: ‘It is all about art and love.’

Pedro Bonnin
Blue Tulip,
Joanne Artman Gallery

Taking sophisticated approaches to the undeniably complex and rich subject of humanity, Mixed Media artist Jane Maxwell and Photorealist painter Pedro Bonnin create work that emphasizes the movement of the human figure. Including defining elements of fashion, style and design, Maxwell and Bonnin work in vastly different stylistic approaches and mediums while touching on common motifs of Romanticism such as identity, perception, and individuality.

Jane Maxwell, Left to Right: Black Coat, Pink Walking Girl, Purple Dress, Mixed Media with Resin on Panel

Favoring imagery with flowing dresses and the female body, their captured moments allow for an unfolding synthesis of past and present, emotion and discourse. Utilizing found printed matter in ways which imitate the hard-edged graphic look of branded apparel, Maxwell tempers any signifying insignia with the flowing lines of her silhouettes. Navigating the ideas of personal agency, the feminine ideal, and body image, the silhouette is the primary mode of portrayal as the figures stride through undefined space.

Dissecting the narratives of perception, Pedro Bonnin’s uninhibited figures float, leap, and turn through their undefined settings. Showing articles of status and fashion statements as markers of identity, he explores a full range of both emotion and emotion while maintaining a vivid sense of individuality and physical presence.

In a society marked by increasing mobility and waning social bonds, a new yearning for intimacy prevails. Taking up a thread of the Romantic spirit, Maxwell and Bonnin explore heightened emotional states and the desire for the paradisiacal and beautiful. Also including the subversive tenor of transcending limitations we find in the poeticization of the world, their romantic approaches transform in a variety of lines and strategies of appropriations that aim at reviving a gamut of motifs of self expression and self exploration.

The Art of Fashion featuring Jane Maxwell and Pedro Bonnin

The Art of Fashion: Featuring Jane Maxwell and Pedro Bonnin

Artist reception, TONIGHT, Thursday, February 14th, from 6:00-8:00 PM

JoAnne Artman Gallery, New York

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New York, NY 10011

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