Summer Reflections

Joanne Artman Gallery
Jul 9, 2017 4:33PM

Summertime has officially arrived which means hazy, sunny skies, dripping ice cream cones, and sandy beaches. Let’s not forget that sweltering, summer heat is best remedied by a nice dip in the pool.

James Wolanin
A Summer Dream
Joanne Artman Gallery

James Wolanin’s A Summer Dream personifies this sunny version in an ode to classic Americana. This piece is currently on view in NYC as part of Contemporary Consciousness featuring work by James Wolanin and Jane Maxwell. Wolanin has a gift for offering cheeky representations of the leisurely mundane, depicting the subtle beauty of a simple curve (a tilted chin, a folded towel) in a minimalist palette.

Tropical destinations can offer some respite as well, filled with breezy, lazy days in the shade. In the case of marine ecologist John Bruno summertime is for both reflection as well as action. In his evocative NY Times piece My Depressing Summers in Belize, Bruno offers an account of his study of ocean ecosystems, concentrating on the effects of global warming on the health of our oceans (in summary, not good). Despite (or perhaps because of) the trying nature of the work, Bruno’s time in Belize is punctuated by moments of intense beauty witnessing wonders such as “fields of tiny eels peeking out of their holes on the sandy seafloor in Palau.”

America Martin
Racket Ball and Chili Peppers
Joanne Artman Gallery

Great art is able to capture this duality - the sumptuous beauty of our natural world and the fleeting nature of time. In the work of America Martin this relationship between personal history and sense-memory is constantly tested and explored. Though Martin’s work often centers around overarching themes of human nature and our relationship with the environment, these ideas are presented in symbolic narrative within a single piece. A beautiful depiction of our symbiotic relationship with nature is presented in Martin’s Racket Ball and Chili Peppers. Here, the fluid outlines of the female forms weave, merge, blend and get filled with the colors of the background as body and landscape become one.

Subtleties sometimes speak volumes over a more direct approach. Both Wolanin and Martin offer thoughtful, meditative reflections in works that meld dreams with narrative - as refreshing and satisfying as a summertime dip.

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