The Visual Landscape of Greg Miller

Joanne Artman Gallery
Oct 16, 2016 8:38PM
Stirrup Room
Joanne Artman Gallery

The seductive allure of faded glory, the detritus of print advertising’s golden age, as well as almost a clinically intense observation of color and font distinguish Greg Miller’s neo-pop paintings.

Drawing on his urban Californian roots, Miller deconstructs the idea of ambiguity of the American landscape - exploring the connection between advertising, the urban environment, and history. Like the eyes of Dr. Eckelburg painted on an advertising billboard in The Great Gatsby looming over the valley of the ashes, or the iconic highway laden with signs, signposts and billboards leading the way to Las Vegas, the age of advertising has left its indelible mark on our literary, physical and symbolic landscape. Miller re-constructs these narratives in his works by re-creating the grit of city walls that show the passage of time through their multitude of layers.

Evoking nostalgia and echoing the aesthetic of iconic advertisements from the mid to late 20th century America, Miller has created his own brand of Americana imbued with pop imagery and an awareness of the constant flow of time. Miller paints a visual collage which echoes classic, iconic advertisements from the '50s and '60s utilizing cartoon and advertising imagery and language. Miller’s works on panel are both a dreamscape as well as a peek into American history though his visual language built on the symbols and icons of the time.

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