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Jul 18, 2019 8:13PM

Order, simplicity, and harmony are some of the basic principles of Matt Devine and Hugo G. Urrutia’s sculptures. Echoing organic lines throughout their varied practices, both sculptors convey the duality of stillness as well as a constant flux. Comprised of repetition of forms and patterns, Devine and Urrutia’s focus on linear design and mastery of their materials yields wall sculptures that appear weightless, while providing a highly dimensional and engaging visual experience.

Matt Devine
Either Way #3,
JoAnne Artman Gallery

Matt Devine’s work embodies a complete understanding of his medium and an individualized interpretation of form and dimensionality. Intuitive yet process-based, Devine’s forms borrow from nature in a sharp contrast to the industrial nature of the material itself. The works can be seen as a study in contrasts, in bold formal statements and the gentle balance of shadow and light. Utilizing industrial materials, Devine crafts juxtapositions of form and function, fragility and endurance.

Breaking from sculptural tradition, Devine’s recent works look beyond established means of working with industrial materials by exploring form, color, and scale. Continuing and redefining his practice by utilizing industrial steel and aluminum in a similar manner to the more conventional bronze or marble, the impact of the works is undeterred by scale or weight of materials.

Matt Devine
Pretty in Pink,
JoAnne Artman Gallery

Similarly exploring the boundaries of sculpture and his materials, Hugo G. Urrutia’s latest series titled, Flexible Rigids, explores sculptural forms that simulate the smooth, concordant movements of a flexible surface. Presenting a solid form that is firmly grounded and in harmonious balance with the surrounding environment, Urrutia’s wooden wall sculptures afford him the ability to spatially visualize wide planes, smooth curves, and textural surfaces.

Hugo Garcia Urrutia
Gold Glamour,
JoAnne Artman Gallery

Composed of triangles, the repetition of shape yields fluid undulations that cast dramatic highlights and shadows. Each triangle plays a different, choreographed role to achieve a balanced final result, as their color and depth is transformed and enhanced by the dramatic lighting of each sculpture. Through precision of cutting into his wooden canvas, each composition becomes sculptural and organic. Prioritizing architecture, design, and the quality of his materials, Urrutia creates visual stimulation and an interactive experience for the viewer.

Hugo G. Urrutia wall sculptures and Matt Devine sculptural studies, Installation view, JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach.

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