This Is America....America Martin @ JoAnne Artman Gallery Laguna Beach

JoAnne Artman
Jan 14, 2016 2:27AM


"As I went walking I saw a sign there…and on the sign it said "No Trespassing"…But on the other side it didn't say nothing...That side was made for you and me," Woody Guthrie.


See the signs or, rather, signposts in America Martin's new works emboldened by the unexpected...the dangerous...the pleasurable. Paper collages direct you to the open highway in Vroom...America speaks: "Feel only the boxing wind"...Oil and acrylic provide sensual delight in Red Woman...Blue Woman...Red, White or Blue... Each expression and impression tells us something about ourselves textually, visually, and artistically...Open road...Open America...


Please join us as we celebrate Colombian American Painter America Martin showcasing new works in both; oils and acrylics as well as mixed materials. America's artistry in motion and content spills over her canvases. Visually stimulating and emotionally penetrating, America delivers her most powerful works to date.


AMERICA MARTIN (b. 1980, Los Angeles, California) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


America Martin’s work will inspire, provoke, engage and mesmerize. With visual perceptions always changing, peek behind the stories told and you're sure to find the right artistic expression!

JoAnne Artman