Reception in Westchester for David Tobey's New Unique Abstracts

Joe Dolice
Nov 6, 2014 11:57PM

         All art lovers, museum staff people, art council/arts organization members, gallery owners and art dealers and educators are cordially invited to a reception for an exhibition of new and unique paintings by New Rochelle NY painter, sculptor, Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra violinist and teacher David Tobey at a private home in New Rochelle Sunday, November 9th from 3 to 7 p.m.

        The exhibition titled “Wet Paint II” will contain more than two dozen of the latest paintings from Tobey’s “Abstract Imaginaries” series. These paintings feature techniques that the artist has developed over the past two years in creating detail and special effects by combining pigments, solvents and other chemicals that traditionally have been considered to be incompatible with each other when mixed and applied together on a canvas.

        The reception will be held at 52 Nob Court in New Rochelle, and will continue through the end of the year with paintings available for viewing by appointment. To RSVP, call Yvonne Wynter, the hostess of the reception at (914) 235-9813, email [email protected] or contact David Tobey at [email protected] or telephone him at (914) 329-2581. More information on Tobey, his art and this exhibition can be seen on his website at

       The first photo at the top to the right is of  David's "Alien Volcano", a mixed media painting measuring 60 x 48 inches.

       The one immediately below it is a enlargement of the colored area in the lower center of this painting, showing the unique detail created by Tobey's technique in using paints combined with customarily prohibited solvents and chemical additives.

         The third painting is an earlier work that was in Tobey's New York Solo show at Chelsea's Pleiades Gallery in April/May of this year, titled "Phoenix", measuring 30 x 24 inches.  

Anyone having a serious interest in these paintings who cannot attend the reception can set up an appointment with the artist to see these unique paintings by telephoning or by emailing him.

Joe Dolice