Brazilian artist Joelson Bugila – Abstract Collage

Joelson Bugila
Oct 24, 2013 12:12PM

This series of colorful abstract works by Brazilian artist Joelson Bugila is full of fun energy. Part of a recent solo exhibition, Bugila’s compositions are a saturated scrapbook of object-oriented details swimming in form, color, and texture.This exploratory form-based approach is an interesting take on collage, which doesn’t tend to have such a bright, geometric and painterly connotation. I love the palette and blobby shapes that take on an organic vibe, looking at times like blood cells and abstracted medical diagrams. The photographic and found-object inclusions sit nicely together with the painted forms from a distance, rewarding closer inspection

Her collection showcases a saturated collage of geometric and painterly elements, using both photographic and found objects. Combining detailed medical diagrams with abstract doodles is what makes Buglia’s work so playful and unique.

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Joelson Bugila