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Nov 7, 2013 7:09PM

In Panama City, historical architecture is underappreciated, and is often replaced with shopping malls and high-rise condominiums. Development for development’s sake seems to be a process that, once set into motion, cannot be stopped, like a chain reaction of dominoes toppling. One exception to this phenomenon has been the Casco Antiguo, an old quarter district located on a small peninsula in the Bay of Panama granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2003. This status is now in jeopardy due to construction of a government sanctioned multi-million dollar marine viaduct around the peninsula. In its frenzy to tear down and re-build everything for a quick buck, the government has even contracted the re-bricking of the Casco Antiguo's streets with new, inferior bricks. In Domino Effect, Conlon and Harker use the antique colonial era bricks – which are removed and ironically used as landfill material in other parts of the city – to create a domino-like chain reaction through the neighborhood. As in their other collaborations, this video makes pointed and poetic social criticism.