Tatiana Trouvé at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin through March 3rd, 2014

Johann König
Jan 22, 2014 11:03AM
SOMEWHERE, 18-12-95 AN UNKNOWN 1981, 2014

Tatiana Trouvé's installation SOMEWHERE, 18-12-95 AN UNKNOWN 1981 is on view at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin  through March 3rd, 2014. The work brings together several elements fitting one another: a concrete mattress upon a wall, a chair and plastic bags cast in bronze.

During a visit in Berlin last year, Trouvé could observe the surroundings of the Schinkel Pavillon becoming a vast construction site. Because of the large windows, each one opening on a busy landscape under construction, the viewer could not ignore this environment, even inside the building. From this starting point, Trouvé began to explore the possibilities of a dialogue between the Pavillon and its surroundings, by  moving an environment within the exhibition space.

The installation is a fragment of architecture echoing to this urban landscape. It switches the traditional perspective inside/outside. Whilst merging interior and exterior, the work both parallels and extends the souvenir of the construction site: although he’s not there, a sentinel is on duty, his seat waiting for him. From this chair, his point of view is also casting the memory of the landscape.


Johann König