My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design 2014

John Eason
Nov 4, 2014 12:18AM

My Selection:

Alex RoskinSet of tables, 2014, at Wexler Gallery

Set of tables, 2015
Wexler Gallery

The combination of metal and wood, with the contrasting polished and matte surfaces, highlights the structure and cantilevered form of the tables. Side tables are opportunities for bold forms and these provide them with grace.

Gesture, 2014
Todd Merrill Studio

Ample ambient lighting is essential for a sophisticated and cozy room, which is why sculptural lights like this are essential for my work. Here, the sharp interlocking forms and the strong and complex angles are mellowed by the warm bronze metal and softened by the glow of the light.

Joseph WalshLumenoria II Dining Table, 2014, at Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary

Walsh’s incredible craftsmanship is matched by his bold and dynamic forms. This table is a marvel and a sculptural masterpiece perfectly of its time.

Alvar AaltoPair of armchairs, 1930s, at Modernity

Pair of armchairs, 1930s

Aalto’s innovative application of bent laminated wood was foundational to modern furniture design and this form is a gorgeous example of his innovation. The strong, masculine lines are lightened by the cantilevered form and sense of balance.

A pair of Louis XV chased, open-work and gilded bronze fire-dogs (chenets), at Kraemer Gallery - Paris

Rococo is perhaps the most indulgent and extreme of period styles; a piece of this scale and function provides a perfect opportunity to incorporate it into a non-period room. Layering a room with gorgeous historical objects creates a richness that goes beyond the visual.

Eva HildLoop, 2002, at Hostler Burrows

The ethereal, curving organic form of Hild’s sculpture is both breathtaking and calming. A sculpture of this scale and caliber lends gravity and sophistication to a room like nothing else can.

DeLorenzo Gallery

Made by an Art Deco ebeniste of the highest order, the neoclassical sensibility of this sideboard is as bold and modern as it gets. While at first glance it may appear understated, in a room this would be a perfect anchor due to its massiveness and the architectural sensibility evoked with the arcade façade.

Diego GiacomettiPair of wall sconces, at DeLorenzo Gallery

Pair of wall sconces
DeLorenzo Gallery

I am struck by the approachable novelty of the form of these surrealist Giacometti sconces. Lighting is the jewelry of any room and here Giacometti has provided two beautiful functional artworks for the wall.

Mattia BonettiSide Table ‘Bubblegum’, 2014, at David Gill Galleries

The fantastical form of this sculptural side table is an excellent example of Bonetti’s work. As an interior designer I also see it as an opportunity to craft the perfect custom sofa as a foil to it.

This decorative screen is a perfect application of Côme’s style and craftsmanship. The masculine iron frame supporting diaphanous glass lenses would provide a beautiful break to define one space from another.

John Eason