All hands do, or what they should do.

Jose Rainer
Oct 20, 2014 7:06PM

Abstract drawings are intimately linked to jRainer elements of the human body as an expression, the visual representation of the hands, at this stage, represent and communicate absolutely everything hands do. 

Hands love, work, draw, interpret musical instruments, bodies touching, caring, speak, and produce an endless amount of shapes and gestures. Line and color are the personal expression directed by a desire to communicate with a burst of powerful attraction. 

In all its work jRainer provides energy component is essential. The drawings are simple and direct, gestural and intense color. The drawing and images are the forms that jRainer transmits his thoughts. 

The artworks are made ​​digitally using the knowledge of traditional art techniques in the search for new expressions by combining art with manual printed acrylic paint. jRainer conveys the language of abstraction with geometric shapes and realistic images. Another part of the work is jRainer corporeal representation in the form of sculpture using materials like aluminum and various metals. 

A well-known poet and art connoisseur when it comes to JRainer says: 

That jRainer is a creator who condescended to the level of creative advertising for years. 

He used his enormous talent in minor works for others. Now uncovered, for himself, for biological and aesthetic need, a jar full of prey responses. 

Y appears in a dazzling unbeaten, unpublished world whose central character is our hands, which allowed us humans, for better or worse, take ownership of the planet. Mr. Corbacho says he feels his work as an epic nature, an elegy of man, liturgy a long time retained internal explosion. A work to celebrate with applause. 

Rainer and I met working in advertising us. For years we live malignancy festival and its spirit. We were loyal companions and generate a close friendship. This light feeling not blind my analytical skills. Rather, it gives me an extra depth that allows me to dig very deeply in his work. 

Our long friendship and being a consumer of art are the only merit that it allows me to write enough text.

Jose Rainer