My Highlights from ARTBO 2014

José Roca
Oct 15, 2014 2:08AM

I selected pieces that I find paradigmatic of these artists’ production. Most of them deal with everyday occurrences or specific issues of local communities.

My Selection:

Carolina Caycedo, Dammed Landscape (Dyptych), 2013, at Instituto de Visión

This sculptural piece is part of an ongoing project about the rivers in Colombia. Dammed Landscape deals with the plight of the communities of the place where El Quimbo dam will be built, whose land will be flooded out of existence when the dam is completed.

Braco Dimitrijevic, Accidental Painting, 1969, at espaivisor - Galería Visor

This early series, created in London when the artist was doing his postgraduate studies, is an exercise in controlled chance as a method for art-making. Along with this piece, which documents a car “creating” a painting, there is also Accidental Drawing, where a tram slices a piece of paper in two, and Accidental Sculpture, where plaster powder is dispersed by the wind. 

Pablo Helguera, Este tri..., 2012, at Galeria Enrique Guerrero

Writer, performer, cartoonist, cultural animator, educator... Pablo Helguera’s multi-faceted and prolific output is truly amazing. In recent works he has altered anthems, songs, and documents, erasing part of the letters or words to create new meanings, ripe with humour and irony.

Luz Angela Lizarazo, Red, 2014, at Galeria Eduardo Fernandes

Luz Angela Lizarazo is known for her delicate, labor-intensive sculptural works. For her recent series, she has taken thousands of chicken wishbones, combining them to create biomorphic forms, as well as what appear to be household utensils.

Héctor Zamora, “Hypars” da série "Intersecciones", 2013, at Luciana Brito Galeria

Interested for a long time in radical and visionary architecture, Zamora has created objects in concrete that reference the sinuous surfaces of 1950s hyperbolic paraboloids (Hypars, for short), reinterpreted as sculptural form.

Eduardo Basualdo, Línea de tiempo, 2014, at Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte

With simple materials and elements, Basualdo creates ominous presences and uncanny situations. 

Moris, Dice, 2012, at Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo

Known for his sarcastic take on urban violence in his native Mexico, in this piece, Moris condenses violence, play, and fate into a very simple yet devastating image.

Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Aleaciones con memoria de forma IV, 2014, at 80M2 Livia Benavides

In her recent series, Garrido-Lecca has interpreted the traditional “esteras” (reed rugs typical of the rural areas in Perú), redoing them in copper slats, tubes, and antenna wire, establishing links between age-old crafts and the global economy in which local communities are now immersed.

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José Roca