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Sep 28, 2017 4:02PM

There has been a huge amount of anticipation around the opening of the first ever first large-scale exhibition in the UK of the work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960­-1988). One of the most significant painters of the 20th century, Basquiat was recently disclosed to be the highest selling Post War and Contemporary artist in the world during the first half of 2017 with recorded sales coming in at an incredible $242 million (Source: Artnet).   Unsurprisingly, when the London based street artist Bambi was approached by the BBC to present a slot covering the Basquiat show on the newly launched Front Row (BBC2, Saturday 30th September at 7.30PM), she was both extremely flattered to be invited... and apprehensive in pretty much equal measure!

Sadly Basquiat's career was to be short, he passed away aged just 27 leaving a relatively small body of work behind him. We do however currently have a Flexible on display, based on a panel painting created in 1984 in his studio in Venice, California.

Keith Haring Fertility No.3, Lucky Strike, Damien Hirst Methamphetamine, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT FLEXIBLE, Keith Haring Concentric Man

We are also very proud to work directly with Bambi. We have seen her work evolve over the past couple of years as she grows in confidence. Her combination of a great sense of humour, sharp wit and the creation of aesthetically attractive images enabling her street work images to sit just as comfortably in a gallery environment.

BAMBI YOU CAN BE AS NAUGHTY AS YOU WANT, Keith Haring Apocalypse No's 8 and 1

The Basquiat show, BOOM FOR REAL, is now open at the Barbican Art Gallery and will run until January 28th 2018.

Bambi - after her filming stint - has returned to her studio where she is busy working on another exciting project.... watch out for more on this talented artist. Her very latest works can be seen at Joseph Fine Art, LONDON.

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