Josh Andraos
Oct 10, 2014 10:28AM

"Chemical X’s most famous work to date is probably his design of the globally renowned and iconic Ministry of Sound logo but his inventive work can be found across the spheres of music, fashion, advertising, gaming, and freesports. He has designed logos for the DJ legend Paul Oakenfold, Vans footwear, PlayStation, Coca-Cola and MTV – and his clients have ranged from Snoop Dogg to Disney via Ben & Jerry’s and the BBC.

The art of Chemical X has infiltrated and informed youth and lifestyle culture for more than twenty five years. It is quite likely that you may have some of his creations already and not know it.

Chemical X has previously worked on art projects with Banksy, Damien Hirst and Jamie Hewlett. His first exhibition intended to explore people’s attitude to recreational drugs viewed from their relationship with mass media’s propaganda but was halted by the gallery at the last minute due to legal concerns.

His work is based in the world of the pixel and the human brain’s ability to fill in what it wants to see, in order to add detail that never existed. The proximity of the viewer to the subject can mean that one studies the detail at the expenses of the bigger picture or, from a more distant perspective, one is forced by one’s own subconscious to bring order to the seemingly chaotic mix thousands of pills, each charged with their own power to polarise opinion.

Despite his ecstasy based work having never been seen in public, Chemical X’s limited edition prints have proved hugely popular and have sold out straight after release to those in the know. "


Josh Andraos