Bill Viola Exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris. More than a retrospective, a spiritual journey through the art of the leading representative of Video art

Jul 10, 2014 4:38AM

Video is very common in contemporary art. But very few manage to capture the viewers as Bill Viola works.  So, before the closing, in only few days, rush to the Grand Palais in Paris and visit Bill Viola exhibition.

For those who already know the artist, it will be a great opportunity to see some of the most emblematic artworks that made the artist reputation.

For others, the wide range of works presented, including moving paintings and monumental installations from 1977 to today, offers a unique way to discover Bill Viola.

Curated by Jérôme Neutres, Advisor to the Chairman of the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais and Kira Perov, Bill’s wife and Executive Director of Bill Viola Studio, the exhibition has been conceived as a journey through humanity.  For Bill Viola; humanity consists in three elements: the unborn, the dead (to whom we show our respect) both are eternal and the living who are temporary. The exhibition has been divided in three parts: Who am I ? / Where am I ? / Where am I going ?

The 20 artworks displayed are timeless. This is pure magic everything has been done to create the condition of an esthetic confrontation with the artworks. No cable or technical means are visible only the videos and installation are paving the way. Obviously the artist and the curators wanted to offer time to the visitors; time to look at the works and think about the concepts. Because video captures image and sounds at the same time, it is very close to real life and makes it possible to experience Time as a living moment happening now.

Life, death and transfiguration are the mains themes explored by the artist.  Viola considers transformation as a power working under the radar screen very slowly and constantly creating a new human being. The change goes through things we learn, things we do and mistake we make. 

This exhibition is part of the transfiguration process; it is a human experience that definitely changes you.