My Picks from Moving Image London

Julia Draganovic
Oct 9, 2013 9:37PM

Slyvie Blocher:

I saw the work of Sylvie Blocher for the first time in the main hall of Mudam Musée d’Art Moderne du Gran Duc Jean in Luxemburg. It was the large projection of the video “Men in Pink”, a choir of men in black suits that sing first the “Internationale” and immediately afterwards “Heigh Ho”, the refrain of the seven dwarfs from the Disney film. When finishing the communist hymn and starting the song of the miniature mine-diggers, those business men each extract a pink ladies-tight from their insert-pockets and pull it over their faces, just like bank robbers. Hilarious! I love this piece with all its implications so much, I have already shown it twice (in Miami and at the Photo-Festival in Reggio Emilia, Italy) — it has always been a major draw for the visitors. I learned only afterwards, that Sylvie never works with actors, but she develops her projects with amateurs or professionals from other branches. 

Her new work “Speeches”, which she produced for the Liverpool Biennial 2012, is another testimony of her fascination with political utopias and what has come out of it. She asked five creative people to reenact seminal political texts (speeches or manifestos) which contain unfulfilled promises and to re- interpret them with their own artistic means. Watch and listen to a Russian Slam artist who gives a rap presentation of the communist manifesto or see Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech turned into a ballade…

Milica Tomic:

Milica Tomic is one of the most important performance artists from the Balkans, who lives and works in Belgrade. The seminal piece of 1999 “I am Milica Tomic”, which will be presented at Moving Image London 2013, represents, in a way, a summary of Tomic’s artistic and politic concerns. It is a piece about the questions how identity is generated, which role language plays in that process and how nationality and violence are often connected. I’m so happy and proud that we have this almost historical piece in the show and I’m sure, that who does not know Milica’s work yet, will check out her more recent works as well. Milica is always on the ball!

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Julia Draganovic