Lola Schnabel at Tripoli Gallery Pop-Up, NY

Katy Hamer
Jan 18, 2013 5:01PM

Currently on view at Tripoli Gallery Pop-Up located at 980 Madison Avenue in New York is Lola Schnabel: Within Reach. The is her second recent exhibition in New York since exhibiting at The Hole Gallery last year. For Within Reach, the artist presents a selection of watercolors and large-scale oil paintings that pull both from abstraction and figuration offering a series of works filled with longing while having an active dialogue with the painting process. 

From the Press Release: "In Within Reach, Lola explores the most primal and paradoxical human instincts, the desire to be boundless. The series of oil paintings and watercolors evoke oceanic realms whose landscapes and figures remain ceaselessly ephemeral yet always connected, bound by a kindred condition. As one painting leads to the next, landmasses morph into figures and a progression is revealed. The paintings become discoveries and dictate their own development. Her deliberate choice of medieval yellow and crimson, consistent in all of her paintings, construct a mise-en-scène in which her changing forms interact to tell a story. Her paintings are frozen vignettes in time that speak to Lola’s strong background in filmmaking."

The exhibition is an exploration into the boundaries of representation while remaining true to the properties of paint on a surface. Schnabel, chooses to use broad sweeping strokes to block out areas of bright color. Her skies are red, the clouds are blue and the overall effect is both surreal and indifferent due to the disassociation with one's personal reality and what art is or at least portrays. 

Lola Schnabel: Within Reach opened to a crowd of who's who in the art and fashion worlds with guests ranging from Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dustin Yellin, Harry Brant and others. The inauguration was on January 16th and will be on view until February 11th, 2013. 

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Photo Credit: © Paul Bruinooge of PatrickMcMullan, photo courtesy of Tripoli Gallery

Katy Hamer