Randy Burman and The Department of Poetry Works

Dec 16, 2014 5:41PM


Traffic Sign, Cement, Post, Poetry

Sign: 12 x 18 inches

Post: 6 ft.

$500.00 Each

a)      Until Further Notice Never

b)     If I had Another Pole I’d Walk Away

c)      High Five Practice Zone

d)     Do Not Feed The Tourists Who Feed  Alligators Who Eat Tourists Which is Bad for Tourism

e)      I park Therefore I am Or have become a Pedestrian

f)       You Turn Up In the Strangest Places

g)      Thou Shall Not Yield

h)     $50 Fine for Failure to Read this Sign

i)        Egrets Regret Eating Fishes Formed of Wishes

j)       It Is Your Eyes. They Won’t Let me Forget Anything

k)     Thou Shall Not Yield