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Keiko Art International
Nov 8, 2018 8:49AM

YOSHIMURA Toshiharu’s Erosion Series resemble aged, rusty metal or worn wooden vessels, or old tools. YOSHIMURA says, “All things made by humans are destined to deteriorate over time. New things are pretty, but those things become even more special over time, and a different type of beauty emerges.”

In order to express this erosion caused by the passage of time, through trial and error Yoshimura developed techniques to sandwich the soluble material (glaze) with two different insoluble materials (clay and alumina).

Through the process of dissolution, erosion and concretion during the firing the result is a dramatic effect of erosion on the surface.

Yoshimura lives in the center of Kyoto with his wife FUKUMOTO Fuku and two daughters, and works in the rural area in the northern part of Kyoto called Keihoku.

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